What is 925 sterling silver? Is 925 sterling silver worth buying?

925 sterling silver is a silver product containing 92.5% silver. 925 stands for the purity of the silver. It is the minimum purity required for silverware, just as 999 gold is pure. Silver is an active metal and can efficiently react chemically with sulfur in the air, causing the silverware to turn black. Therefore wear as little contact with the air as possible should not be worn in the place of chemical gas thick. After contact with sulfur soap, must immediately wipe dry. The chloride in sweat also affects silver.

Due to the characteristics of silver itself, making 100% silver texture is very soft, easy to scratch, and is not suitable for the increasingly delicate process requirements, as well as modern popular jewelry more and more prosperous and exaggerated modeling requirements. Plus, 100% silver tends to tarnish and lose its luster. Thanks to the addition of 7.5% alloy, silver has the ideal hardness, brightness and luster, and oxidation resistance. And can be set with various gemstones. From then on, silver jewelry with bright color, chic style, exquisite craftsmanship, and mid-range fashion taste quickly became famous worldwide.
Silver and gold can not be worn together; gold and silver are two different grades! It is a matter of etiquette. The highest purity is 999, a thousand full silver, with a silver content of 99.9%. It is accessible to oxidation black, need to be careful to wear the next purity is 990, called full silver, the silver content of 90% 999 and 990 because of the high silver content, softer, so suitable for making plain silver jewelry. The most commonly seen is 925 silver, called international standard silver, internationally recognized as the minimum standard of pure silver. 925 silver adds 7.5% copper alloy composition, increasing hardness, making it more suitable for making floral jewelry.

Finished silver jewelry is usually electroplated polishing treatment, so than 999 and 990 antioxidant capacity, but silver jewelry need to be maintained, can not carelessly arbitrary wear s is the mark of silver, jewelry to have s999, s990, s925 or thousand silver, foot silver such marks to send the elderly and children usually with 999 and 990, young people in pursuit of fashion good-looking The words, more suitable for 925 usually wear try to avoid contact with washing agents, that is, hand washing, bathing, washing clothes, washing dishes dry this kind of work do not wear also try to avoid contact with complex objects, because the silver is easy to scratch yellowing no luster usually can use a soft cloth dipped in toothpaste wipe, and then wash and dry with water on the line, you can also use silver cloth, but do not use a silver wash, that is corrosive silver jewelry. Note that toothpaste to choose a transparent gel, never with frosted particles, so as not to scratch the silver jewelry.

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