Ring Stacking | The Most Stylish Jewelry Combinations

Ring Stacking | The Most Stylish Jewelry Combinations

When accessories are well-matched, the look is often halfway to success. How do you stack your rings for a stylish look? It’s all the rage nowadays to layer accessories, such as the famous “little jewels,” which must be worn in groups to look good, but how do you add to your look? Follow Eamti’s lead, and we’ll show you some basic rules!

Although it’s all about mixing and matching accessories, the following are a few mistakes that are best not to imitate. For example, the “rich” effect of a few big rings together is not recommended; there is no sense of chic. A few exaggerated rings don’t go well together either! Not suitable for women with delicate fingers.

You can’t go wrong with stacking rings by mastering the following techniques:

Tip 1: The key to ring stacking is to keep it simple; essential is the way to go

When stacking rings, you can choose different shapes of rings to match, but to have a sense of connection with the whole, you must have a unifying element in place. For example, the round shape is present in all combinations. This has the effect of subtracting visually. Don’t be afraid to continue to stack them just because it’s an exaggerated ring, as long as you intersperse them with metal rings in the same color scheme to avoid clutter.

The most stylish jewelry combinations

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Tip 2: Don’t stack different yowls together, do it in the same color to avoid clutter

The matching between styles will not feel messy; the color clutter disrupts the vision. In addition to choosing the same color for your ring, you should also choose the same color for your necklace.

Tip 3: Keep the number of rings to 3-5

If you don’t know the trade-offs, even if you follow the same color scheme, excessive stacking of irrelevant things will bring a burden to the look. If you are a lover of minimalist patterns, when matching fingertip accessories, wear the rings in different positions on your fingers and have a layered look. Pick out detailed rings and wear them on other fingers, preferably within a limit of five and with the exact width of the ring for a premium look.

Tip 4: Once you have a good grasp of the width of the ring, pay attention to the key points to match

The rings are divided into different sizes to make the details enjoyable. Take a risk by using a few simple styles to complement the more eye-catching ring and escape from the monotony of a lighter look.

stacking rings

Tip 5: Staggering looks better

There is a type of ring called a ‘knuckle’ ring, which is worn above the knuckle, you might think it’s just a pinky ring, but no, it’s the art of designing specifically for the knuckle. The knuckle ring also looks good with a standard ring. However, they are more suitable for women with slender fingers.Mix and match rings for a more minimalist outfit

Just looking at the picture makes you think that the finger bling is a bit over the top, but it’s not as complicated as you might think. Have you seen Maggie Q in Stalker? She doesn’t wear accessories other than her sunglasses, but when she’s wearing something simple, she uses a ring as the most eye-catching part of her outfit.Remember for more jewelry fashion! go now

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