About Eamti

             Founded in China

                                        Timeless   Classic   Elegance

"If you are lucky enough to wear one of Eamti's rings in your hand, the rich, intoxicating scent of Hunan will be the first thing to permeate your senses. There is a sense of adventure and luxury in each of their rings - an untold story". - Eastwood Von, founder of the Eamti brand

Founded in 2017 by American entrepreneur Eastwood Von, our business champions exceptional quality, timeless style and classic values. Known for creating interchangeable and permanent zirconia and accessories, we continue to draw inspiration from iconic shapes, brilliantly diverse styles and exceptional precision, which is synonymous with Hunan boutique design.

We are a fashion brand that truly cares (you'll find no quality flaws here). We sustainably source only the finest, most durable gemstones and trust expert Jewelry artisans to handcraft our quality rings and accessories in an acclaimed workshop in Hunan - we always have, and we always will.

Three-year Warranty Personalization Sustainability Promise
We are so confident in the quality of our rings and craftsmanship that we offer a 3-year warranty on every purchase. After all, our rings and accessories are designed for your everyday life: that's our promise, from us to you. We offer an in-house bespoke engraving, gemstone selection and font selection service, so you can add that extra special touch to your Eamti ring or accessory. From the subtle addition of your initials to a sentimental date, you can choose from gold, silver, bronze or a blind finish to complement our signature sterling silver accessories. We are committed to introducing new green initiatives year by year, both at our headquarters and in our Hunan workshop. You can count on us to remain eco-friendly: all our gems are produced sustainably and are responsibly sourced from the by-products of natural industry.

What makes us stand out

We believe in top-quality, long-lasting jewelry items, which is why we offer a unique 3-year warranty and friendly, hassle-free customer service for your peace of mind. You can trust us to ensure that your Eamti ring or accessory will be handcrafted, quality checked, packaged, and delivered with pride and care. Our love of jewelry craftsmanship begins with the journey of our products and ends with our satisfied customers - we are here to assist you with your purchase at every step.

The emblem of EAMTI

The jewelled ring fused into our logo symbolises the dedication of our Jewelry artisans to their craft and our timeless commitment to providing classic rings of unparalleled quality - designed to be worn forever.

Is for elegance.
The company's quest and philosophy for the production of jewellery and jewelry styles.

Is for Aesthetics.
We want to create aesthetic designs in the field of jewellery that the public will enjoy and that belong to Eamti.

Is for the moon.
The moon inspired us in the early days of our business and it was this inspiration that we incorporated into our initial designs.

is for time
Jewelry is a witness to the history of time, and time is the quality control officer of Eamti, allowing Eamti rings to bear witness to the baptism of time, as we have always done.

The Craftsmanship Behind Our Jewelry


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Address: 901, Building 8, Huijinyuan, No. 380, Section 3, Furong Middle Road, Tianxin District, Changsha, 410148 Hunan, China
Email: customerservice@eamti.com
Phone: +86 13723389754
Business Registration Number: 91430103MA4P891D8D