What Color of Engagement Ring Compliments My Skin Tone?

The season is rotating and the summer is approaching its end. However, the passion for love never ends and the love for that someone special never fades. At this moment there must be someone who is pondering over the questions related to a marriage proposal. For instance, how to prepare a special engagement event for his future soul mate? What kind of engagement ring should he prepare, that would capture the heart of that special person? People often spend much time contemplating the second question. The current article addresses one significant aspect defining a perfect engagement ring. That is, what ring color suits or even compliments the skin color?

First, let us categorize skin into two tones: the warm one and the cool one. The categorization leads us to ask the following question: how could I tell which one my skin tone belongs to? We would ask you to turn one hand palm up and examine your wrist area.


Warm Skin Tone  

If the veins in your wrist area appear to be green, your skin stone is warm. That means rings of warm colors (like orange, red, brown, yellow, gold, rose gold, etc.) suit you better.  Therefore, we recommend yellow gold or rose gold. It is customary for people to choose rings with gemstones as their engagement rings. For gemstones, peridot, brown diamond, ruby, garnet, and yellow diamond are good choices.



Cool Skin Tone  

If your veins appear to be blue or purple, your skin tone is cool. In that case, silver, white gold, or platinum suits you better. As for gemstones, we recommend aquamarine, blue sapphire, and amethyst. Doesn’t sound too complicated, right? A right color that matches your skin tone would compliment your outfit. This speaks volumes for the importance of choosing a correct color.


Friendly to both of them  

Finally, there is a secret we wish to share with you. If you want to be mistake-free, there is an all-purpose solution. You have probably figured it out. Yes, diamond ring! A diamond ring suits any skin tones. If you could not afford a ring with natural diamonds, you could consider artificial diamond like moissanite. As a matter of fact, artificial diamond has gained popularity in recent years due to its affordable price, unique style (the diverse colors) and being friendly to the environment. For example, a black diamond would definitely stand out and immediately arrest people’s attention. If you are interested in the said diamonds, we would be very happy to display some to you, with which we are sure that you would find your unique engagement ring.

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